Montessori School in Calgary

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Montessori School in Calgary

MCHA is a Montessori School in Calgary and a leading educational institution that provides children with an alternative, nurturing and interactive learning environment. Through the use of adapted Montessori methods and materials, it promotes independence, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving skills, communication and an appreciation for diversity.
Located in Calgary, Alberta, MCHA Montessori School in Calgary provides an optimal learning environment for students. This distinct school follows the education philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, which focuses on the development of core skills, including problem-solving, critical thinking and adaptability in children. Guided by certified teachers and personalized curriculum plans, students at this school experience unparalleled levels of learning outcomes.
Montessori School in Calgary
Are you looking for top-notch education in Calgary? Then MCHA Montessori School Calgary is the perfect choice for your children! This educational philosophy advocate for a hands-on, socially interactive and individually tailored approach that emphasizes critical thinking and respect for the natural development of each student. With classroom environments carefully designed to accommodate unique educational needs, this school provides an excellent opportunity for children to reach their fullest potential in an engaging learning environment.
Montesssiry children’s house academy has 3 campuses located in Calgary

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