Specialist MCHA Music October!

Reggio Campus - weare owls
Reggio Campus 3 September
October 29, 2018
Specialist MCHA Physed October
Specialist MCHA Physed October
November 6, 2020
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Specialist MCHA Music

  Specialist MCHA Music October! Specialist MCHA Music

Last month, we had lots of fun learning the following…

-How to keep a steady beat
By using percussion instruments like shakers, tambourine etc., as well as things like tapping, clapping and marching, to keep a steady pace while singing. We also listened to marching music by Georges Bizet and marched along with the music.

-How to differentiate a steady beat from a non-steady beat
By making a steady beat followed by a non-steady one and learning which one was the steady

-What a Quarter note is
By introducing the quarter note and how many beats are in a quarter note.

-How to recognize a quarter note in a music sheet

-Some songs including halloween themed ones.