Physed Class Nov 2020

Music November Saturday- December 12th - 1
Music November Saturday- December 12th, 2020
December 12, 2020
Spanish Nov 2020
Spanish Nov 2020
December 13, 2020
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November was a fun month with a lot of activities! Getting our bodies ready with games and gross motor exercises.

Holidays are around the corner and with them the cold weather, but we still can enjoy the outdoor live if we protect ourself from the lower temperatures with a couple of layers, also don’t forget to drink a lot of water and stay warm if the temperatures drop to much.

So what about winter sports? Learning ski or snow boarding provide a new world to get fit,
challenging but worth it, winter sports can accelerate the way that you face the cold days. Or if you want something calmer you can enjoy ice skating! There are some spots in the city where you can learn and enjoy this activity any time during the holidays.

But if you don’t have much time outdoors, dancing could be an amazing exercise for your body and memory, you can lose yourself and enjoy fun tunes with family meanwhile you keep your body fit.

As you can see the options are multiples and there is not excuse not to move your body and have fun in the cold days.