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Physed Class March
Physed Class March
April 16, 2021
Music September – November
February 11, 2022
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Spanish March2

This month in the Spanish class the children learned about the family.


This is a topic that children love to do because it gives them the time to share about their families and also I love to talk with them about mine and is very useful because we can compare and see how all families are different, special and unique but full of love.


To help them recognize the members we use some special cards, toys and also some music.


This is the vocabulary you can practice at home:


Mamá – Mother

Papá- Father

Hermano – Brother

Hermana – Sister

Bebé – Baby

Abuela – Grandma

Abuelo – Grandpa



And I’m sure you want to use these songs to have fun and practice with your little ones:


Nos vemos pronto,

Señora Romero

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