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EL CUERPO (The body) January 2021

Physed Class January 2021
February 3, 2021
Music February 2021
March 2, 2021
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All we know children need to know their bodies well because it forms an important part of their growing and their developing language skills too, and this month in the Spanish class in order to support both aspects we learned about some parts of the body.

Looking to keep the little ones engaged they learned the body parts through music, games and activities.

I can tell children get the information better when they don’t know they are learning! That is why in the specialist room I like to use different methods to teach in Spanish and help them to hold the information into their brains.

This month vocabulary:

– Cabeza (head)

– Hombros (shoulders)

– Rodillas (knees)

– Pies (feet)

– Manos (hands)

– Ojos (eyes)

– Orejas (ears)

– Boca (mouth)

– Nariz (nose)

On this link you can listen the song to practice and have fun at home:

Hasta luego,

Sra. Romero

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