Specialist MCHA Español October

Specialist MCHA Physed October
November 6, 2020
Music November Saturday- December 12th, 2020
December 12, 2020
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Hola, como estas?
Since the beginning of the school year the Spanish program started full of energy and new ideas to make our classes enjoyable, interesting and challenging for each one of the groups.
This year the activities are made to help the children grow on their fine and gross motor skills, and of course on their listening, speaking and even reading (for those that are i the leader ship program) skills.
The children have been learning basic commands, calendar (days, months, seasons)  and as main theme we were learning about numbers and colors.
Finally as a part of the learning time we are creating a repertoire of songs that are helping us to learn more vocabulary and actions. Have fu with them, this are the links :
Adios, Hasta la próxima,
Señora Romero

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