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Reggio Campus 1 Nov 3th-7th 2014
Reggio Campus 1 Nov 3th-7th 2014
October 29, 2018
Reggio Campus 2 Week of October 6th, 2014 - 1
Reggio Campus 2 Week of October 6th, 2014
October 29, 2018
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Reggio Campus 2 - Canda - north America
On Monday, we discussed as  a whole class our options for costumes on Friday. Halloween!
Some students appeared deflated at the news of no imaginary costumes permitted in the classroom… including the ever popular superheroes from the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man to self assured siblings Elsa and Anna.
What about the importance of imagination? Pretend play? Is this exclusion of Hollywood Hero’s fair?
A young child should be given the opportunity to develop imagination that revolves around reality as this is healthy for personal development and is particular to scientific discovery, language acquisition and creativity in the arts.
Fantasy play, especially that involving Superhero play, gives the developing child a distorted image of the real world.  They can show increased aggression because of it.  The child may also lack communication and social skills when they solve problems using ‘superhero’ actions and words.
Exploring some real life costumes that reflect our multicultural Canada (and Calgary) may be a better fit for broadening our students world-views and developing our imaginations.
This week we explored the traditional formal wear of aboriginal people from Canada, Australia, Germany, Mexico and Kenya. We discussed form and function specific to each region and the reasoning behind the outfits. For example, parkas were made to keep people living in Northern Canada warm and safe from the sun. Animal hides we used, often Caribou and seal- animals that are built for the cold temperatures of the North and thrive in such an environment.
All this week we will continue to explore various traditional cultures by colouring outfit templates, listening to traditional music, as well as national anthems.
Happy Halloween!!
Cindyl Arnold

Reggio Campus 2 - Canda - north America