Reggio Campus 2 Week of October 6th, 2014

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Reggio Campus 2 Week of October 6th, 2014 - 1

Reggio Emilia it is an approach to the curriculum where the children can actually express their ideas through arts and crafts, base and according to their own abilities and interests. Themes in Reggio planning are basically according to the children`s interests and therefore, materials (either prepared or improvised ones) should be available and accessible for them. The teachers act as facilitators in the classroom. They are there to assist the children and help them put their ideas together and turn it into something. The idea is like this: A concept, plus materials, skills and interests are resulting to an outcome artistically unique as the child. It is unique because the ideas being put together came from the children’s minds – that could make the outcome unique. Whatever may be the physical and logical outcomes, results should be appreciated, recognized and valued no matter what.

In Reggio Emilia approach, children can enjoy and can freely make things out of their interests that will develop them in to a better one, until such time that they could make it almost into what we call perfection.

Mrs. Marilou PeregilReggio Campus 2 Week of October 6th, 2014