October 29, 2018
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October 29, 2018
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The days are passing by and new topics and vocabulary are coming for our Spanish class. And now is time for counting, an incredible experience that open a big door of communication in our lessons because now everybody is ready to answer simple questions like: How old are you?, How many people are in the classroom? and also now we have a great tool to work in the calendar.
Numbers in our Spanish class are more than memorizing about getting the concept and to be ready to count and recognize symbols. And fortunately for the class the children are ready with the use of some of the math Montessori material which makes possible bring it to our classes and use it to apply and reinforce all what we are learning.
Finally don’t forget that this topic is going be worked and is going to grow thru the year with different materials and activities, so get ready to keep counting and having fun with your child and the Spanish class.
And for the new ones there is a sticky song that can helps with your counting

Mrs  Romero
Spanish Specialist

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